RC Photo Club, Inc.

Welcome to the Rancho Cucamonga Photography Club

RC Photo Club, Inc. - Welcome to the Rancho Cucamonga Photography Club

Wall Display

The RC Photo Club has the Senior Center wall at Central Park as a permanent display area!  This is located to the left of the reception desk.

Ten (10) photos are displayed.  One of the ten spots will be reserved for the current Spotlight Photographer.

Please email your name, photo title, and asking price (or note “Not For Sale”) to presidentofrcpc@gmail.com.  You will be sent an email confirmation.

Note that these rules might change due to availability and City of Rancho needs. 

(Each photograph must adhere to these guidelines or it may be disqualified.)

– Members participating must be current with their club dues.

– You will receive a confirmation email which will allow you to display.

– Members displaying are limited to one photo per display, unless there are vacancies and more photos are needed to fill the wall.

– Photographs can be of any subject and type, as long as it is appropriate for viewing by the general public.

– Image prints can be any size; however, photographs must be framed, and the outer frame size must be roughly 16 x 20 inches (we can give you a 2-inch leeway).

– You may mat your images if you wish.

IMPORTANT:  Frames must have a strong wire across the back so that it can be hung by a single hook AND support the weight of your framed photo.  When pulling upward on the wire, please make sure that it reaches 2 inches or more below the top of the frame … OR … there should be a loop attached so that a hook can hang from the loop and be hung from the center, but the top of the loop should be at least 2 inches below the top edge of the frame.

– A waiver must be filled out and submitted before a photograph can be displayed. (Waiver forms will be at club meetings.)

.Posting the Display Photographs:  On the day the new display goes up, please arrive at our meeting room between 5:30 and 6:00 p.m. to submit your framed photo to the Secretary or Member Services.  Waiver forms will be available at that time.

If you have any questions, contact Anthony at presidentofrcpc@gmail.com.