RC Photo Club, Inc.

Welcome to the Rancho Cucamonga Photography Club

The RC Photo Club meets in Rancho Cucamonga, California. We welcome all photographers who enjoy taking photos and sharing ideas. With bi-monthly meetings, photo sharing, photo challenges, contests, workshops, and guest speakers, we have something for every level of photography.

RC Photo Club, Inc. - Welcome to the Rancho Cucamonga Photography Club

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I started my photography interest dabbling around with a basic point & shoot digital camera. I attended car shows, watched how other photographers shoot the vehicles. I took a photo editing class, at Chaffey College. My classmates saw my car editing work, and thought I have been doing photography for a while.

On Black Friday 2008, I noticed that the Nikon Coolpix P80 camera, was on sale. I spent the night in line to buy it. I started doing more photography, going to car shows, public events, street photography and joining Flickr and other photography groups.

By March 2014, I had joined the RC Photo Club. I bought my first DLSR camera, the Nikon D5200. This camera really got me into photography. I caught the photo bug, I was looking for every opportunity to go out and shoot.  In March of 2017, I went to my first WPPI Expo in Las Vegas and entered my business card into a drawing. To my surprise, I won. I was extremely lucky because instead of the A6300 which was advertised, they had the A6500 and Zeiss 16-70 4.0 lens, which was just release, right before the WPPI 2017 show.

I learned what I know today about photography by watching videos online, taking classes, attending workshops, photo conventions, and reviewing articles. There are a lot of resources these days that photographers can access. Being an active member of the RC Photo Club, has helped me in my photography work. I am currently one of the Club photographers, and the social media coordinator, and also a member of the RCPC, Board of Directors. This involvement allows me to interact with other photographers, who are always willing to assist me.