RC Photo Club, Inc.

Welcome to the Rancho Cucamonga Photography Club

RC Photo Club, Inc. - Welcome to the Rancho Cucamonga Photography Club


For All Volunteers:

1) Only active paid Club members can volunteer at RC Photo Club recognized volunteer events.
2) You must wear our club polo shirt or black/dark shirt & slacks.
3) You must wear a club photo I.D. badge.
4) You cannot bring family or friends to RC Photo Club recognized volunteer events.
5) If you need to cancel, contact the President of the RC Photo Club at presidentofrcpc@gmail.com at least 72 hours in advance.  In case of a last-minute cancellation, call our contact phone numbers listed in the event reminder email.
6) You cannot sell, or distribute event photos. Some images are allowed for personal portfolio. Check with President of Club on use.  

Event Photo Submission Guidelines
1) Choose your best images. Number of images depend on hours at event.
A 2-3 hour event 25-50 images.
A 4-6+ hour event up to 100-120 images.
Straighten, crop, and edit; then save as JPG files.

2)  Rename your files, e.g., “CChallenge JohnSmith-1”, -2, -3, etc.
3) Create a Dropbox account (or use other cloud drive).
4) Email the link to the cloud drive folder to: Ed Gandara
at: ed@gandaraphoto.com

5) Deadline for finished image files is 2 days or less from the date of the event (because many times they want to post images right away on social media).
6. If you are having any issues or need help let Ed Gandara, or Anthony Feliciano (presidentofrcpc@gmail.com), know as soon as possible.
7. Some event photos are confidential and not to be used for personal portfolio.
President of Club will inform volunteers of those events. 

_________________________ For portrait volunteer events, we need.

One Portrait Photographer (A.Feliciano), brings all necessary photographic equipment to event shoot.
Sets up lighting, background and directs posing for all subjects. Also coordinates workflow process with all event volunteers. A master file (on a SD card) is made of all photos taken of event at the end of the event. This file is stored for 90 days.

Editor-Printers-can bring their own laptop with editing software for cropping images, and who can use their own photo printer to print 5×7′s. Photo paper is provided. Submit a receipt showing the cost of your ink, and the club will reimburse you for the appropriate amount used.  If you have at least a laptop and software, the club may provide a printer, but check with our Secretary first.

Assistants-may perform any of the following tasks:  help with setup of equipment, greet people, collect information cards, handle funds, help with posing, keep track of image cards, place photos into folios (photo holders), handle money, distribute photos, crowd control, and offer general help as needed.

Event Photographers-will take candid shots of people working and attending the event as well as photograph anything associated with documenting the event.

City Volunteer Activities Guidelines

Event Photography Tips
Anthony Feliciano

Before and During Event

Bring your fully charged camera body and lenses
2.Bring your external flash 
3.Wear comfy shoes and snacks, and water 
4.Back pack will hold your gear best

5.Wear black shirt and dark pants

6.  Find and introduce yourself right away to the contact person

7.  Ask questions about the time frame and photos required

8.  There might be shot list

9.  Find the “establishing shot” a wide angle, and close ups

10. Try and stay out of the way. Be quick

11. Inform the contact person when you are done

Photo Tips

1. Imagine one image that will express what is happening at a location

2. Try different angles

3. Shoot some horizontal and vertical

4. Ask people to move if necessary

5. Avoid distracting backgrounds

6. Take wide angle, and detail shots

7. Keep moving around the event

8. Don’t delete photos from camera right away. 

9. Always safeguard your photos by backing them up at home ASAP

10. Posing should be natural or candid

11. If some one is reluctant about posing. Pose your way and their way. Compromise. 

12. Always greet people and smile, and thank them

13. Event candid shots are best. 

When Finish at Event 

    1. Inform the contact person that you are done
    1. Send me 25-30 images. 
    1. Send to me (presidentofrcpc@gmail.com) within 1-2 business days. All photos should be JPEG only, save all event photos for at least 1 yr. Do not do extreme editing Images belong to the City Images should be medium size. Example: no larger than 2000 pixels on largest side. Send via Wetransfer or Drop box to (presidentofrcpc@gmail.com) These are suggestions.

                   I thank you for volunteering at these events