RC Photo Club, Inc.

Welcome to the Rancho Cucamonga Photography Club

The RC Photo Club meets in Rancho Cucamonga, California. We welcome all photographers who enjoy taking photos and sharing ideas. With bi-monthly meetings, photo sharing, photo challenges, contests, workshops, and guest speakers, we have something for every level of photography.

RC Photo Club, Inc. - Welcome to the Rancho Cucamonga Photography Club

Photo Contest

Photo Contest-Open Theme

Start: 9-21-20

End: 10-20-20, at 5 pm.

Open theme: Any subject, color, black & white. No Titles. No Borders. No names on images. Recently taken past 18 months. Post processing is allowed. Please email only 3 images per member. Reduce your size to 1400 pixels on the largest side. Indicate your name in the JPG description, not on the image. Images will be posted on our www.rcphotoclub.com site for viewing and voting.

Voting starts: 10-21
Voting ends 10-28 @ 1 pm.
RC Photo Club Board Meeting, 10-29-20 (Year End Awards) selected.

Email to: presidentofrcpc@gmail.com

Contest rules: Must be a valid paid up member to participate. Vote by email to presidentofrcpc@gmail.com One vote per member only. Awards for 1st place, 2nd, and 3rd place. As well as honorable mention. Contest ties decided by President of RC Photo Club.

This is a great opportunity to add to your year-end photo portfolio.

We will have the Best Photographer award, Best Photo of the Year award. And most Improved Photographer of the Year award. Just as a reminder, this year being an exceptional one, we will dispense from any requirements for candidate selection… like event volunteering, and or presentations before the Club.

This will be the last contest for year, so I am hoping we will receive many entries.
Good luck to all.
Anthony Feliciano,
President, RC Photo Club
Voting starts: 10-21
Voting ends 10-28 @ 1 pm. One vote per member. Members cannot vote for themselves. (DOUBLE CLICK IMAGE FOR LARGER VIEW) 

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